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The very first thing to mention in any review of Stoodin is that it is an actually FREE dating website that actually caters to singles who are afflicted with the herpes simplex virus (not such an easy online dating niche to tackle). Unlike many other dating websites in that niche, there are no tricky log-in, sign-in features or shady requests for your credit card number and, thankfully so far, no overbearing monthly or payment plan membership fees to wrestle with as you simply seek your romantic goals.


  • Stoodin is 100% free for singles with herpes to join, search and connect!

Features Lists

Message & Chat Registered Member (5)
Privaty message
Send gift
Email support
Instanting chat
Search Registered Member (7)
Search members online only
Search users with photo only
By location
By living with (HSV-1 / HSV-2)
Search by age
Browse users by compatible score
Check members in hot list
Profile & Photo Registered Member (10)
Lifetime profile
Create up to 5 albums
Add up to 10 photos to each album
Comment on other users` photos
Rate on other users` photos
Edit profile details
Post comments on other profiles
Add other profiles to bookmarks
Know who`s viewed me
Set profile photo gallery
More Registered Member (13)
Full access to mobile version
Matchmaking preference
Edit mail notifications
Add other members as friends
Voting Polls
Post questions and answer others`
Herpes events
User blogs
Herpes support groups
Comment and rate blogs
Report abuse / sensitive
Add members to block list

Easy to Join and Use

The initial sign-in process itself is quite standard and not at all difficult to complete (especially given that you don’t have to share any sensitive financial information). The site interface is clean and attractive, if slightly dull, but is generally user-friendly overall and easy to navigate as you scroll through the somewhat standard features that are shared by most dating websites such as-

  • My Matches
  • Search
  • Photo
  • Events
  • Forum

And the site also maintains a really clean “My Dashboard” feature that is quite attractive and very well organized for use.

Unique Matchmaking System

I have to mention that while their “Matchmaking Preference” feature is certainly thorough enough, it may not be quite as thorough when it pertains to the very particular issues with which the target market (HSV-1/HSV-2 affected singles) has to tackle while moving forward towards the end goal of adult physical relations. As there is only one mention of the user’s HSV status in the “preference” section (with 3 corresponding boxes to check), perhaps the number of options (given the sensitivity of the subject) could be expanded to include more of the ongoing/current health and well-being specifics that might ease and also facilitate member’s use.


Overall the site is functionally simple to operate if not exactly groundbreaking in their particular dating space. Listed here are a short rundown of some of the Pros and Cons regarding the site.


User interface is inviting and simple to navigate - This aspect of the site’s functionality cannot be overstated as while it may not be anything completely different to what came before in the online dating space, it is quite easy to play around inside the site and you will likely find yourself doing just that as you click through your easy options.

Photo function has a quick, easy upload and browsability - When uploading photos (a major feature of any dating site) or browsing through the pictures of other users (perhaps the most major feature of any dating site), the user is able to very easily navigate through the many, many selections available. A truly invaluable feature in this space and one that stoodin has absolutely nailed.

Dashboard has a clean, clear layout - Another vital requirement for any dating website and Stoodin does not fail here. Very clean layout actually invites the user to play around with the site tools and explore all the available options. For the profile loving target market Millenials, this feature undoubtedly scores.

Simple Search function - Once again, a critical feature when it comes to online dating sites. While the search function is on the minimal side when it comes to dialing in, it offers enough geographic and health status specificity to more than get the job done. If you’re seeking a significant other here, you very likely will find at least what you’re searching for.

Welcoming and informative copy - The site’s copy is informative and inviting but also warm, friendly and very understanding of their user’s unique needs regarding dating along with the promotion of a strong sense of community. An indispensible feature.

It’s Free - Enough said here but it is an almost unusual pleasure, especially in the online dating space, to not be constantly harassed for sensitive financial info while just trying to hook up with a potentially significant other.


Too small of a pool of fish (at least for now) - As Stoodin is a brand new online dating site, it’s membership numbers are currently and definitely on the low side. This is a hurdle they will have to overcome if they really want to make a big impact.

Design is a bit too simple - Yes, we know we mentioned this as a “pro” but the design (graphics, color, logo, etc.) is just a touch on the mundane side and fails to spark any real visual excitement as of yet. Perhaps as their site grows this will change but it may be a carrot-and-stick requirement that’s a bit short on carrot for now.

Not quite enough attention paid to health specifics - Given the nature of the target market and the certain concern their members will have with well-being, the site may be just a bit shy on specifics regarding individual status. A difficult problem in many ways (not the least of which concerns confidentiality), this is a hurdle the site will have to cleanly clear if they are to succeed.

Stoodin (?) - Although there is a bit of an explanation in their “Home” page, we really just didn’t get the name (Stoodin?) at all or understand, in anyway, how it relates to their target market. It may be that this is an insider type of terminology but…we remain baffled.


Overall stoodin looks like a very user-friendly, empathetic and thoroughly inviting online dating site for their very large target market (reportedly over 2 million worldwide) of a herpes simplex pool of singles that undoubtedly can make good use of the service. While it seems clear at this point that the site has a little ways to go to really hit its maximum functional stride and become the invaluable singles dating site it wants to be, it is nevertheless off to a very promising start that is sure to get better as it picks up speed.

Certainly this is one online dating site that, despite the plethora of others within this niche space, has the potential to grow and become an industry leader if it stays on the course of selfless service and user-friendly functionality that it now promotes.

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