How to Choose the Right Herpes Dating Site

What is STD / Herpes Dating Site?

Buying Guide There are specific dating sites for Christians, vegetarians and even for millionaires; so it is no surprise that there are dating sites that are particularly geared towards connecting those with STDs. Many of the sites you find online offer a great way for people with STDs to connect and get back to dating after being diagnosed with the disease. Contracting an STD can be very traumatic and joining such a site can give you back your confidence and also be extremely rewarding. Sites like PositiveSingles offers a huge base of profiles with complete anonymity for those living with Herpes to find support, love and hope. When both the dating partners have a virus, there is no risk of one passing it on to the other, as you cannot get Herpes virus twice. It is also less embarrassing to date partners who are also in the same boat, so to speak. It makes dating all the more easier, as you don’t have to go through ‘the talk’.

Making an Informed Decision

Online dating sites specifically created to help those living with STDs can be very useful for people living with HIV/AIDS or HSV, HPV and Herpes or any other such condition. Such sites can help them find love, companionship, friendship and emotional support, as they are exposed to others who are in a similar situation. Apart from options to choose from hundreds of similar profiles, such individuals can also find medical opinions; forums, live consultations and counsellors offering STD related information in such dating sites. However, when provided with several such options, it might be difficult to make the right decision about the best site that is ideal for your condition. Here is a Buying Guide, which can assist you in making an informed decision while selecting an appropriate STD / Herpes dating site, but always check out the reviews of a site before you join one.

Selecting a Broad Field

Most STD sites are focused on those living with HSV, Herpes, HPV and HIV/AIDS, though there are other sites aimed at infections, such as Hepatitis C, Thrush, Hepatitis B, Syphilis and Chlamydia and many more. You have to merely Google ‘Herpes dating’ or "STD dating" and it will yield you many such dating sites. However, it is advisable to make a broad search by selecting a dating site that has profiles from all over the world, rather than limited to a single country. Don’t let distance stop you from finding the right supportive partner. is one such site with thousands of profiles from all over the world.

Free and Paid Sites

When considering whether to opt for a free STD / Herpes dating site or a paid one, many paid sites also offer users a basic free membership, through which users can test the site and browse through profiles. However, they offer gold or premium membership or paid membership and this comes with additional features. You can join a good dating site like PositiveSingles for free and use the basic features like creating your profile, checking out other profiles on the site, sending winks and flirts and so on. However, to get complete access to all the features, you will have to upgrade to a gold membership, but the price is usually justified if the site offers a range of features.

Criteria for Selection

Forums/Blogs/Dating Tips/Counseling/STD News/Articles /Directory

It is much easier to join STD dating sites that have features, such as blogs and forums, where you can ask otherwise embarrassing personal questions without fear of rejection and shame. PositiveSingles offers a warm-hearted community, where its members can post questions in the forums without fear of being discriminated against. A good site would be one where you can get medical information and treatment related to STDs as well as advice and help. In such sites, you can also read success stories of other couples that have found love and companionship through the site.

User forums are exceptionally good features, as you can post and receive messages on such forums on a range of topics, such as dating or sexual health and get tips on symptoms of and managing STDs as also general topics, such as news and sports. Such forums can provide a community feeling among the members. Many sites, such as PositiveSingles, also allow you to create blogs, so that you can know others better and vice versa. A good STD dating site will also offer you daily STD news and updates, so that you can be aware of the latest treatments and information related to the community. You can also access advice and tips through several articles posted on such good sites and these can prove very useful to you when dating online. Many of the top sites also offer a directory of care locations for STD, enabling members to find the best means of managing their problems. Live counseling is a very useful feature, as you can ask professionals, questions regarding your problem and get the support from them. Online FAQs and support features are also very helpful.

Security and Anonymity

While joining an STD site, it is important that your personal information remains private and anonymous. At sites like PositiveSingles, members need not fill out information that they are not comfortable with. You can chat in a secure environment and it is not necessary that you reveal any personal information about yourself, till you are ready to take the relationship to a more serious level. Most sites will ask you to provide basic information and how you wish to manage it, later on in the registration process, though there are no other probing questions when you join the site.

When selecting an STD / Herpes dating site, look out for strong privacy settings and a safe environment for chatting with other singles. Sites like PositveSingles also have an ID verification service, ensuring that people are actually who they claim they are. Many of the top STD sites like PositiveSingles also offer an internal email service, which offers features like anti spam and other filters, which is quite rare in STD sites.

The best online dating site for STDs need not be the cheapest one, but it is one that offers a range of useful features that are specifically tailored to those living with STDs, offering them the highest chances of finding love, companionship and support.

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