How Does This Website / The Ranking Work

How it WorksAll online herpes dating websites could be found in one place -! Here, people with herpes will make an informed decision on choosing the right dating website to meet matches and new friends who have the same condition. If this is your first time to visit our website:

  • First, read our editor and customer reviews of few / all herpes dating sites, compare the feature lists, costs and active members;
  • Secondly, choose the best one that suits for you and create your dating profile;
  • Then, come back to our website and re-pick one if you don`t have any luck.

How Can I Trust Your Top 10 List?

That’s a good question. We will not trust any list easily either if we were looking for some useful information on the Internet, that’s why we create this page for publishing all criteria that the selections are based on. Our editors spend more than 30 days as a real user on each dating website, and do many online researches to complete a review. We just want to guarantee our visitors true and useful information and will not mislead them.

Our Ranking Factors

Many factors should be considered when we rank a herpes dating website, such as, the number of active members, privacy features, unique features, ease of use / navigation and more. We do not rank a dating site based on a single factor, but a comprehensive consideration from more than 10 important factors. The following image shows some important factors the rankings based on and the importance of each factor: Ranking Factors

Customer reviews and ratings should be a good factor to rank a dating website and many visitors are more likely to believe in what real users said, however, there are a few user reviews on our website. We will consider adding this factor if there are enough customer reviews in the future. Before ranking all the herpes dating websites, we have analyzed the factors that may be helpful to the rankings. For example, we sent an email to every admin of the herpes dating websites and asked the same question: How many total members or active members are on your website?, and What the ratio of the gender? As a result, we got the statistics shown below:

Ranking Statistics

(If you can’t view this image clearly, you may have to view the above table on your desktop.)

Rank Website Daily Views Members Established Year Users in LA Privacy Ease of Use
1 PositiveSingles 22,952 1,127,700 2002 1000+ Gorgeous Gorgeous
2 HerpesPeopleMeet 90 802,707 2012 1000+ Gorgeous Great
3 MPwH 1,677 82,539 2014 312 Great Great
4 Stoodin 99 13,925 2015 131 Cool Great
5 HMates 623 22,502 2004 N/A Cool Cool
6 HSVDatingCentral N/A 305,729 2014 1000+ Gorgeous Great
7 H-Date 954 44,997 2002 295 Cool Regular
8 HSVSingles 825 N/A 2006 1000+ Bad Great
9 HerpesPassions 247 N/A 2006 251 Regular Bad
10 HWerks 573 5,945 2007 13 Cool Great
11 STDDatingOnline 47 60,499 2014 1000+ Gorgeous Great
12 STDFriends 949 18,718 2002 39 Bad Cool
13 H-YPE 398 5,505 2007 0 Cool Cool
14 HerpesAnonymous 152 5,076 2009 33 Bad Bad
15 STDSoulmates 93 3,986 2004 N/A Bad Bad


  • Daily Page Views reported by in the March of 2016;
  • N/A means we didn’t get the accurate data for some reasons;
  • Users in LA means the total number of members from Los Angeles, CA, USA;
  • Information for reference ONLY, for the most up to date data, please refer to the relevant website.

As we know, nobody (even the 3rd-party websites) knows the accurate information about daily visitors, total members and other statistics of a website unless its webmaster. However, the statistics can tell us something when we we use the same website reporter to report all herpes dating sites.

The total number of members is provided by the webmasters or based on the information from their own websites. We make sure all such information is 100% true and reliable. Wondering how we got the number of members in Los Angeles, CA, USA? We performed a search about men looking for women or women looking for men from 18 to 90 who living with HSV-1, HSV-2 or herpes in Los Angeles, and then plus women and men.

Why Do Some Websites Have a Lower Ranking with a Higher Rating?

You must be aware that HerpesPeopleMeet, HSVDatingCentral and STDDatingOnline are affiliate websites that are managed by PositiveSingles. Apart from those 3 websites, there are many other websites powered by PositiveSingles in a similar model. As a partner site of PositiveSingles, when valuing privacy settings, unique features and more, the same extends to the affiliate websites. However, it’s enough for you to try HerpesPeopleMeet out only, since it is the most successful one. This is the reason why HSVDatingCentral and STDDatingOnline have a lower ranking with a higher rating.

Why A New Site Like Stoodin Has a Higer Ranking?

Based on our algorithm in ranking herpes dating websites, age is a very small factor to affect the rankings. Stoodin is a new dating website for people with herpes, however, unlike other dating sites, it is only for herpes dating and only for people with HSV-1, HSV-2 or any other type of herpes. Stoodin has a huge number of daters with many user registrations everyday, besides, it is 100% free for herpes singles. Even Stoodin is a free dating website, it is well designed, easy to use and has many privacy settings to protect your confidential information.

Why Some Websites Have a Lower Ranking on Google but Have a Higher Ranking Here?

We are not Google, and we have a different algorithm to rank websites. The most important factor to rank the dating websites is the number of members. Imagine this, if there are only a few members in your local area on a dating website, how can you find your partner? A successful dating website should have huge traffic and a large number of members instead of good rankings in Google search result pages, many websites are good for dating but not for Google.

Your "Best" Herpes Dating Site Does Not Work for Me

Yes, we have to say that the best dating website rated by us is not for everybody. Nothing is perfect in the world! We have compared all dating websites for people with herpes (around 15 dating sites) in all aspects, including features, members, ease of use, privacy settings, customer service and more. As a result, PositiveSingles is the best and the largest among all the 15 dating sites, but it does not mean that it is the best choice for everyone. However, PositiveSingles is absolutely the best website in the herpes / STD dating category, we do not mislead our visitors. We also suggest you to try out more than 3 dating websites and then make a better decision.

If you have any suggestion, question, good idea or some useful information for ranking the herpes dating sites, feel free to contact us by using our online contact form. Any comment will be highly appreciated.

Top 10 Herpes Dating Sites

Rank Website Rating Link
Positive Singles
Herpes People Meet
H Mates
HSV Dating Central
HSV Singles
Herpes Passions
H Werks