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Positive Singles Really Made Me Feel Better!

Positive singles really made me feel better about myself and my condition. I'd like to thank all that were involved in the design of this website, for it provided information and contact with those of a similar affliction to me :)) I met someone from the site. So far everything is wonderful! Just a bit of a distance between us, but when you really want to be with someone then you make the effort to be together. Thanks again! I was ready to give up. Just have to be patient and realize that there are some good men left out there.

In summary, I would like to recommend Positive Singles to people with Herpes.
Reviewer: babyshow20 from Roxboro, NC, USA

Positive Singles Changed My Thinking Completely

Though this website didn't help my love life, it did something much more important. The people on here are incredibly supportive and even more so understanding. When you find out you have an STD, especially if it was transmitted unknowingly, it can be the hardest and most depressing event to ever happen. You don't know what your self worth is anymore, you start blaming yourself for everything, and maybe even worse you start to think that maybe you did something so awful in your life to deserve this. BUT this website changed my thinking completely. The people here showed me that I am important, that my life will still be "normal" and that I am NOT alone. The sense of community and love shown on here is absolutely astonishing. Thank you PS and all its members for opening my eyes and helping me become me again.

In summary, I would like to recommend Positive Singles to people with Herpes.
Reviewer: De_Xx from Columbus, Ohio, USA

Found Someone Offline

I found the love of my life through friends. He didn't care I have herpes. I made a good friend through Positive Singles though and we still keep in touch on Facebook. He is currently dating a girl who also accepted he has herpes. I helped him since he had been recently diagnosed... I told him about my past successful disclosure. Thank you for this website not just for meeting people to date but to make friends and seek support.

In summary, I would like to recommend Positive Singles to people with Herpes.
Reviewer: Stra2007 from San Jose, CA, USA

Horrible Customer Service

This site is simply a meat market like most. There are many hateful & miserable people here that do not seek happiness, they prefer tragedy & misery instead. I met the love of my life here & simply wanted to maintain some relationships as friends on the blogs here. Freedom of speech? No. Witches flying around challenging everything you say, in a sideways fashion because they're so miserable in their own lives, Yes. This site will chew you up & spit you out, (while you're paid up 3 months in advance), before doing anything to help prevent the root causes of conflict. Customer service is just a joke here. No one answers the phone, e-mail responses are sketchy, at best, if you get a response at all. This is just a money game. Nothing more...

In summary, I would not recommend Positive Singles to people with Herpes.
Reviewer: Michael from Texas, USA

Not What I Expected

The free feature is the way to go. I wouldn't waste any money on joining the site, but if you're looking to meet people, it will definitely give you that advantage. The privacy aspect concerning your name and email is definitely secure. I actually created a new email address just to use on this site, but it really wasn't needed. If you're a woman and not just looking for a hook up, this is not the site for you. Definitely a meat market. Even the women on the site are pretty much the dtf types. The main chat room is full of vulgarity and self-absorbed snarks. It's not necessarily a bad site, but the reviews are very misleading.

In summary, I would like to recommend Positive Singles to people with Herpes.
Reviewer: =) from CA, USA

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