What's the Best Herpes Dating Site in UK?

the Map of UKDating with herpes has become quite common in the developing countries because of the spread of this complex viral disease all over. Herpes is caused by a simplex virus that affects the genitals or the oral cavity, based on the type of the strain. Genital herpes, also called HSV-2, is quite common among teenagers who are sexually active, while oral herpes also known as HSV-1 mostly affects adults. Many teenagers are getting contracted with this disease due to unsafe sexual practices, as the virus can only be transmitted through intercourse.

In developed countries, like the United Kingdom, the spread of herpes is increasingly higher, where statistics show that 50% of adults are living with some type of sexually transmitted disease or the other in the country. Within this lot, about 10% are affected with genital herpes and the ratio is higher among the women than men. Since most of these individuals are in the age group of 18-35 years, they are in a situation to find partners with long-term potential. But, their health condition reduces their self-confidence and hope of meeting new people for love, romance or marriage.

Benefits of Online Dating

Online dating helps all kinds of people to meet like-minded individuals and websites exclusively established for catering to specific kinds like niches are available on the web. Herpes dating websites fall under this category, wherein they provide a secured digital platform to connect HSV singles together for casual and romantic relationships. These websites cater to many developed, developing and under developing countries, which paves way for meeting your special someone in your country or locality too. The chances of meeting someone who accepts you as yourself or a person who is living with a STD just like you are higher on these websites.

Online herpes dating websites pave a great way to meet and connect with people who are living with sexually transmitted diseases in and around the world. There are many reputed websites that cater to these individuals looking to find their ideal partners. One such popular herpes dating website is PositiveSingles that has gathered worldwide attention for its high-quality dating services in this niche.

Herpes Dating Sites in UK

PositiveSingles has more than a million members who are currently living with a type of STD like herpes, HPV or HIV. The website boasts itself to be the largest dating network for HSV singles since about 80% of its members belong to this category. Therefore, it’s very simple and easy to meet people with herpes on PositiveSingles than any other dating website on the web. This platform is exclusively developed for HSV singles to chat with others, find inspiring stories about couples, treatment strategies followed and know about survival instincts.

Alexa has ranked PositiveSingles as one of the most popular herpes dating platforms in the world. It is a leading concern that analyzes the traffic and frequent visitors on the websites and ranks them accordingly. The rating of PositiveSingles on Alexa is 70,925. Most of its counterparts fall under the six digit category and this particular position is a great place for the website to be.

Other popular herpes dating websites in the United Kingdom include H-YPE.com and HerpesDatingUK.com that cater specifically to people with incurable STDs. These two websites are quite popular in the country with more than 30,000 registered members, while PositiveSingles has more than 80,000 registered members. Even though PositiveSingles has a large member base, we wanted to know its popularity among the local HSV singles. We conducted a simple test search to know whether we were able to real HSV singles through their website.

Search Test on PositiveSingles

We logged into PositiveSingles by creating an account for free. We preferred matches in the age range of 18-30 years and tried for both man seeking women and woman seeking men. We chose the country as “United Kingdom” and we got plenty of states to choose from England like Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire and Stadffordshire. There were also options to find people from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and its provinces. It was pretty easy to narrow down our search results on PositiveSingles based on a particular locality.

In our test, we tried by choosing the locality as “England” in general as well as particular localities like Cambridgeshire.


  • Man seeking women
    • HSV 1 - 167
    • HSV 2 - 188
    • Herpes - 98
  • Woman Seeking Men
    • HSV 1 - 147
    • HSV 2 - 114
    • Herpes - 78

England – Cambridgeshire

  • Man seeking women
    • HSV 1 - 4
    • HSV 2 - 8
    • Herpes - 3
  • Woman Seeking Men
    • HSV 1 - 147
    • HSV 2 - 114
    • Herpes - 78

In H-YPE.com,


  • Man Seeking Women: HSV - 128
  • Woman Seeking Men: HSV - 113

In this website, we were able to find matches in a particular country and also find the type of disease like HSV, HPV or HSV&HPV.

Unfortunately, in H-YPE.com there were no options to narrow down the search based on provinces, which makes it tougher to meet local HSV singles on their website. Also, you cannot find HSV Singles in the sub type of 1&2.

In HerpesDatingUK.com,

In this website, you can find people who are near you, newest members, all members and based on recent activity.

We found nil nearby matches (100 km) and plenty of extended matches (more than 350kms) on this website.

Total no: of profiles - 100+

Drawback: You cannot find people based on the type of STD like herpes on this website.


  • There were 3 times more Herpes members’ profiles on PositiveSingles than H-YPE and HerpesdDatingUK.com in England. ( 356: 128 :110).
  • There were more women suffering with HSV-2 on PositiveSingles than men (3:2).
  • It was easy to find matches based on locality on PositiveSingles than H-YPE or HerpesDatingUK.com.
  • It was easy to find people with Herpes on all these websites whereas narrowing down to the exact type like HSV-1 or HSV-2 was only possible on PositiveSingles.

Our test results showed that PositiveSingles was far superior in its member quality, search options, finding people based on the type of HSV as well as the ability to meet local singles than other similar websites in the country. This makes PositiveSingles one of the best herpes dating website in the United Kingdom.

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