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Being affected with herpes really makes you feel lonely and alone. However, with the growing number of sites for people affected with herpes, you can interact with similar minded people and find potential match with whom you can enjoy the rest of your life. Herpes Anonymous is a such site that has become a strong platform to support singles with HSV-1, HSV-2 and any other type of herpes. A social community and a dating community, you can find friends and soul mates here who would not judge you for your infection, but take care of you to fight the disease.


There are no charges to join the site. The site is absolutely free to register and to enjoy the unique features it offers to its members. No paid gold or platinum membership to avail. You can simply fill in the details in the registration form and off you go and become a member of a large community that greatly supports men and women singles who are affected with genital herpes. Giving a sympathetic ear and making others aware of the infection are the basic traits that Herpes Anonymous focuses on. As it is a free dating site, you can surely try your luck and search for the perfect choice.

  • Herpes Anonymous is 100% Free
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    • 1 month for $7
    • 3 months for $19
    • 12 months for $70

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The Search

The site offers various options to filter and refine your searches. You can see the diversity in the profiles when you log in. However, to personalize your list, you can use the four refining options that Herpes Anonymous has provided to its users.

Each of the members is given a specific identification number for their profile. If you know somebody from their ID, you can simply enter their profile ID in the search option tab and find them. While uploading your details for registering, you have to mention your nickname by which you will be called throughout the site. This is another way you can search the person by picking his nickname.

There are tags available that help you find the person with similar activities. You can find the person by stating tags and picking one from those groups of people who are captivated by the tags. Apart from these special tags, you can enter the city, age or the gender to skim through only selected members.

The Social Support

Herpes Anonymous is more than a site and is much like a social networking group, where you can share your thoughts and post it via blogs. You can even comment on any of the posts written by other members. The site introduces you to a diverse group of people who can be your just friends, sexual partners, potential lovers or pen – pals.

As the site offers you with bulk of the information, you can expect to get yourself educated with different types of sexually transmitted diseases and ways to deal with them.

Dating Herpes

The site, Herpes Anonymous, is specially designed to bring together people with herpes. The basic talking is done by the platform. All you have to do is fill in the registration form with your details such as your gender, the gender of the members that interest you, their age group and their profiles with or without photographs. Most of the users tick this option as it is the photograph that any individual will first look at. If the image in the profile picture is pretty to go for, the user then clicks on the profile link that takes him or her through the details of the member.

Herpes Anonymous offers to create different special groups of active members. The groups can embrace a city or a country. As per the statistical records, there are approximately 53 groups that have been made in the United States of America and over 15 groups in Canada. The groups are only for active members. The non-active members cannot see a chance to make any.

Conversation Tools

Similar to other sites, there are various tools such as blogs and forums where you can express yourself and make a difference with your opinions. There are also forums where you can see the trail of messages involved on particular topics. You can post your message and ask somebody for help from the members.

What’s Bad

The site does not seem active at all for months now. Where the last forum post was made in the month of December, the last group was created two years ago. As uploading a picture is not mandatory on Herpes Anonymous, you can see a number of profiles without any photographs on their profiles. That makes the site annoying and worthless as photograph is the only way one can find his or her love interest and quickly initiate chatting.

There is a Herpes News section that takes you nowhere as the latest news was uploaded four years back. The Herpes Books section is absolutely empty and hence, you cannot find anything that is readable or help you in knowing more about herpes. Although the site says that it is a support community, you can hardly find any interesting and latest topics that can help you win over your situation.


Herpes Anonymous is a free dating site. There are no charges either to register your profile or upgrade to a premium membership. Every user that becomes a registered member can make use of the ultimate features that the site offers to people, who are hoping to connect with other members with similar issues. As the site is free, there are many singles who are signing up every day; however, but there are not many active members who can befriend them. Thus, the site can be called as a dead community where there is no interaction or activity for a long time from members.

After you submit your profile for approval, the admin support takes days together to authenticate your account. This particular problem makes you uneasy as you cannot do without your activated profile. Although you can contact the webmaster to find a solution to your issue, you will be paid no heed and thus, you end up deleting the account before even it was started.

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