Guarding Your Children From The Herpes Virus

Herpes is of two types: oral herpes and genital herpes. While the latter is caused by the herpes simplex virus 2, the first is brought about by herpes simplex virus 1. Oral herpes causes sores and blisters to appear around the mouth region, including on the lips. The herpes simplex virus 1 usually lies dormant in the body, until the individual gets ill and their immune system takes a hit. Right then, the virus wakes up and could easily spread via skin contact. Since youngsters, kids and infants have a weaker immune system when compared to adults, they have a high chance of catching the infection, which could mean a problem. As it is, kids already feel embarrassed when cold sores appear, as they are painful and do not look flattering. Sadly, the cycle takes about 10 days, which could be a matter of concern if the child/kid goes to school. Being around other children may cause the infection to spread easily, which starts a terrifying cycle.

ChildrenInstead of catching oral herpes, passing it on to your child/children, the best thing you could do is try to keep them safe from the virus itself. Children are young and do not understand the fact that they should not be sharing different things with you or whoever has oral herpes. Therefore, it is up to you to make sure that all areas that have come in contact with your sores need to be washed thoroughly.

This is not just it! Since the herpes virus looks for cuts and openings on the potential patients around you, make sure to remind your child to apply the likes of lip balm at all times. If you wish to make a natural lip balm of your own, follow these steps:

  • Take 1 part beeswax pearls, 2 parts sweet almond oil and a few drops of wheat germ oil.
  • Heat the two oils together in a pan and add the beeswax pearls.
  • Allow the mixture to cool and then add some drops of essentials oils.
  • Pour into tubs and small, personal jars.

Since the herpes virus requires arginine to thrive, foods rich in that should be avoided, such as cashews, chocolate, grain cereals, cola, peas, and much more. Furthermore, teach your children to wash their hands regularly and keep items like toys away from their mouth. Additionally, do give them a bottle of hand sanitizer for the time they are outside. If your child already has cold sores, prevent them from sharing or borrowing towels, toys or handkerchiefs, since this could only spread the infection to other children.

It is crucial that your child does not lick the sores and blisters around his/her mouth. They should keep the region dry at all times, allowing quick healing. If you want, you could press a slightly damp teabag to their sores. Tea has tannic acid, which has antiviral properties to help the blisters and sores.

Since toothbrushes touch the cold sores, you could buy a new one for your child when the blisters appear, only to change it on the day the blisters get healed completely. To treat the cold sores, make use of essential oils since they act as preventatives.

Can Herpes Lead To Cervical Cancer?

Quite some time ago, it was discovered that the herpes simplex virus type 2 plays a big role in cervical cancer. It seems the virus assists the human papillomavirus (HPV) to promote this type of cancer that is the reason behind thousands of women’s death each annual year.

According to a study done on a group of women with cervical cancer, around half of them had been struck by the herpes simplex virus 2 too, which led to the conclusion that has been mentioned above. However, this does not mean that all genital herpes patients that are women are prone to getting cervical cancer. The study’s main focus was to promote the regular visits to the nearest clinic or laboratory to get a Pap smear done. For those who do not know, the Pap smear tells the doctor and the patient if the papillomavirus is present in the patient’s body.

Herpes and CancerExperts say that at least 24 million Americans are attacked by the human papillomavirus, which happens to have at least 100 different strains. While there a few of these that only cause genital warts, others are transmitted via sexual contact with no protection used. The second type could be harmless though, which comes as a relief. Unfortunately, there are 14 types of human papillomavirus that lead to an aggressive case of cervical cancer. As a matter of fact, about 90% of all cervical cancer and other genital cancer cases are due to these 14 human papillomavirus.

A researcher known as Jennifer Smith has mentioned that female individuals that have been infected by both human papillomavirus and herpes simplex virus 2 are twice or thrice more likely to also get cervical cancer. Although this may seem scary and far-fetched, the study was carried out using the results from over 2000 women across continents like Europe, Asia and Latin America. Jennifer’s study even saw that Asian women had the highest rate of cervical cancer. Apparently, this study was done mostly in regions where Pap smears are not too easy to get done.

Since 1955, the death rate of cervical cancer has gone down by an astounding 74%, only due to the regular use of Pap smears. Therefore, today, cervical cancer has about a 100% cure rate, if a Pap smear is taken at the early stages of the cancer. Doctors advise women to come in for at least 2 or 3 Pap smear tests each year. While this is a great piece of information that gives hope to cervical cancer patients, it must be kept in mind that herpes has no permanent cure. Spread via unprotected sexual contact, herpes has now become a very common ailment in the United States of America. When triggered, the outbreaks, blisters and sores are painful and problematic.

The conclusion is that the presence of the genital herpes virus in the body is just one of the factors that promote cervical cancer. There are many other factors, such as early pregnancy and childbirth, high number of childbirths and smoking.

Studies May Lead To a Herpes Vaccine In The Future

VaccineRecent studies may have seen a form of immune cell that can be found in the skin that prevents painful outbreak blisters and sores. The experts are almost certain that this is the key behind finding the much-awaited herpes vaccine. This comes as no surprise, since at least 24 million people in the United States of America are troubled by genital herpes.

For the study, skin samples were taken from people who had contracted the herpes simplex virus 2. Under a microscope of high power, the experts made use of fluorescent stains to differentiate the various immune cells of the skin. According to them, the most intriguing immune cells were the CD8 killer T-cells, which provide a secondary defence. Apparently, the T-cells destroyed cells that were infected by virus, as soon as the infection took place. Needless to say, these prevented the copies of the virus.

At some point, experts were certain that these CD8 T-cells were found at different locations of the body. However, they now know that these stay in place, always watchful and alert. To understand these cells better, the researchers picked out 5 of them, aiming to tear them apart and find the protein they were forming. The discovery was a type of protein that pierced membranes to destroy cells, known as perforin. It even had the ability to make other proteins to beckon backup cells to pack a punch during the attack. Perforin was not made when there was no active virus in the skin.

Dr. Lawrence Corey of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center exclaimed that they have shown a set of special group of cells. Not only does the CD8 killer T-cells happen to have a memory, they also stay in the skin for long time spans. Dr. Lawrence also mentioned that these cells actually keep the herpes virus in check! He insists that experts study them, figure out what helps them live longer and work better. Also, he wants to figure out how to make them increase in numbers. According to him, all these will help the scientists prepare the perfect, effective vaccine for herpes.

As most of us know, there is no permanent cure for herpes, which is why a vaccine will be a miracle. Aside from abstaining from having any form of sexual contact, there is no certain way to prevent a person from contracting herpes. Moreover, condoms help, but only to a certain extent. Since the entire groin region is not covered, there remains a risk of spreading the herpes infection to others during sexual intercourse. Therefore, if the CD8 killer T-cells is the answer to herpes, then experts must study them and find that vaccine before the number of herpes patients increase any further.

The Psychological Effects of Herpes You Should Know

Being Diagnosed With Herpes

Knowing the fact that you have acquired herpes could affect you deeply, whether it is herpes type 1 or herpes type 2. While some individuals have heard of this condition before, others are clueless about it. Needless to say, the latter group have a more difficult time adjusting to the problems and implications of herpes.

Bitterness and anger are feelings that are bound to come flooding in if you happen to be diagnosed with herpes. It is quite common to see herpes patients thinking to themselves, “If only I had not…”. In other cases, patients are seen being upset with their partners for having herpes and transmitting it to them. While these feelings are quite stressful, they are part of the grieving process. Patients should keep in mind that negative feelings will not turn time backwards; neither will they make them feel any better.

Psychological Effects of HerpesAnother common emotion among herpes patients is fear. This may come in various forms: some people may be scared of their loved ones finding out about their condition, others may be petrified of socializing any more, some may even be horrified thinking that they cannot have sexual relationships with people as much as they used to before. Such individuals need to understand that they are not alone. Also, it will get better with time and they will find happiness soon.

Some Myths Regarding Herpes

There are several myths that contribute to the depression, anxiousness, hopelessness and helplessness faced by the patients. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • 1. Herpes is quite rare; not many catch it.
  • 2. The virus could be passed onto new-born babies, hence patients can never have children.
  • 3. Herpes is a result of being highly promiscuous.

How Stress Has an Impact on Herpes Outbreaks

There are countless damaging effects that come from the stress due to suffering from herpes. However, the scariest effect is the one on the patient’s herpes outbreaks. After a ton of research and tests, it has been discovered that there is a link between heightened stress and herpes outbreaks. Those who have a tougher time accepting the fact that they suffer from herpes find themselves facing higher numbers of outbreaks. As a result, this person then gets entangled in a cycle of never-ending occurrences.

Needless to say, the number of outbreaks in turn causes high stress levels in the person. At a point, they find themselves feeling hopeless and weak. Unfortunately, there is a direct connection between physical and psychological health, which means individuals with a lot of negative emotions are bound to face a bigger number of herpes outbreaks.

How to Deal With These Psychological Effects

Accepting What Has Happened

Being in denial will just add to your pain and cause problems, like stated above. Herpes does not have a cure and requires treatments for a lifetime, including visits to your doctor and ingesting medications prescribed by him/her. Once a patient accepts the fact that they have herpes, they could work on ways to deal with outbreaks, their personal relationships and their overall health and happiness.

What You Should Not Do

  • Most importantly, never ignore the symptoms: If you come to notice blisters around your mouth or genitals, please visit your doctor as soon as possible. Do not ignore the signs due to fear or carelessness. Also, ignoring the signs will not make herpes go away.
  • Do not lose yourself in the process of feeling self-pity: If you have caught herpes, it is natural to feel down. However, do not dwell in it to the point where you get depressed and risk facing higher numbers of outbreaks.
  • Do not hide the fact that you have herpes from your partner: You need not disclose your secret to them if it is just a date. However, if you are ever serious with a person to the point where you are considering having a sexual relationship with them, you must let them know of your problem. Take a look at this post to know how to have the talk.

What You Should Do

  • Educate yourself about herpes as much as you can: There is a ton of information you could find on herpes, each useful if you happen to suffer from it. You could make use of this data to take care of your condition appropriately, along with educating others.
  • Talk to a counsellor about your emotions: If you are stressed out due to the fact that you have herpes, speak to a therapist. They will definitely help you feel better.
  • De-stress yourself: Treat yourself to things that bring you happiness and make you feel at ease.

Top 10 Questions About Herpes Answered

Herpes could be quite a confusing condition, often accompanied and unaccompanied by a bunch of distinguishable symptoms. If you wish to understand if you have contracted it, or merely wish to learn of this ailment, take a look at the following questions and answers.

1. What is Herpes?

Herpes is a condition that is cause by the herpes simplex virus, seen as two types: oral herpes and genital herpes. The first type appears as sores or blisters around the mouth region, also known as HSV-1. The second type of herpes is also known as HSV-2, affecting the genital area. Know more about what is herpes from this post.

2. What Causes Herpes?

Herpes Questions and AnswersType 1 or oral herpes occurs due to a normal cold, often passed on when engaging in oral sex. Type 2 or genital herpes occurs due to any sexual contact, acting upon the genital regions. If you happen to share towels, cutlery, and similar materials, there is a chance of you spreading the virus to others.

3. How Common is Herpes?

Surprisingly, it is quite common, occurring in about one in six people in the United States of America. However, this is only for individuals that fall in the following age range: 15-50. Unfortunately, at least 80-90% of the people suffering from this condition do not know about it, especially because the symptoms are not always present.

4. How to Figure Out if I Have this Problem?

If you suspect yourself of having genital herpes, you could do well by visiting the doctor. If you have sores in your private region, your doctor could take samples for testing to confirm the presence or absence of the herpes simplex virus. Basically, this test is a blood test which detects the presence of antibodies for both HSV-1 and HSV-2 virus. The said antibodies are produced in the body only if you suffer from the condition.

5. Is there an Effective Cure for Herpes?

So far, no legitimate cure has been discovered for herpes. There are several entities, websites and companies that might claim to have a magical remedy or another. However, none of these claims are true. The only thing that could be done for the case of herpes is treatments for the control and prevention of outbreaks.

6. If Someone Has Herpes, Does that Mean They Also Suffer from AIDS?

That is not necessarily correct. However, people who have herpes have a higher chance of acquiring AIDS, rather than those who do not suffer from herpes. As a matter of fact, polls and surveys carried out in the United Kingdom have proved that at least 52% of the individuals suffering from herpes also happen to suffer from AIDS.

7. Can Genital Herpes Cause my Death?

No, genital herpes does not happen to be a deathly condition. However, if you happen to have contracted herpes, there are chances that you will also acquire the HIV virus, whose cure has still not been found.

8. Can Herpes Affect Me Emotionally and Socially?

You might get anxious or scared if you acquire herpes. However, these feelings are not the effects of the ailment. You could always speak to experts in the case of anxiety in order to feel at ease and to educate yourself about your condition.

9. Could I Donate Blood if I have Herpes?

According to researchers and experts, the virus is not found in the blood. Therefore, it is safe to assume that you could donate blood whenever you wish to. Click here to view the complete answer.

10. How Could I Protect Myself and my Partner from Herpes?

Probably the best method to prevent the development of genital herpes is by abstaining from sexual intercourse. Although you could delve in safe sex with the use of latex condoms, there are chances of still contracting the disease.

If you wish to prevent transmission then you would have to use separate towels and clothing. If you do wish to share materials, you could always use hot water and bleach to disinfect them first.

It is extremely important that you maintain good hygiene at all times, always remembering to wash hands and covering the sores and lesions.

Lastly, never forget that just because you cannot get involved with someone sexually, it does not mean that you cannot create a great, deep, lasting bond with him or her.

Herpes: A Stigma Overblown and Ruining Relationships

Firstly, What Is Herpes?

Herpes is a medical condition that is caused by the herpes simplex virus. It is generally divided into two types: oral herpes and genital herpes. The first tends to occur and affects the regions around the mouth, often brought about by a common cold. The latter is transmitted via sexual contact, affecting the genital region and other parts of the skin. know more about herpes in tis post – What is Herpes: What You Need to Know about the Stigmatized STD.

What To Do When You Have Been Diagnosed With Herpes?

The most important information on herpes is that it is very easy to be caught by others and has no permanent cure. You could speak to experts and doctors to find treatment plans to keep a leash on the severity of the condition. Moreover, you could sign up for groups and teams that discuss the concepts of herpes and help patients overcome their fear and anxiety regarding it. The best thing you could do if you contract herpes is educate yourself about as much as possible and wrap your head around it as much as possible, in order to be able to run a smooth and stress-free life.

What The Results And The Experts Do Not Tell You

The fear instilled in those who do not suffer from herpes and have never heard of it is great. This is mostly due to the fact that the details of the disease are unknown to them. Genital herpes is a problematic condition; only because of the way many people seem to be put off when their partner claims to have it.

I Have HerpesWhen you are suspecting that you suffer from herpes, the first thing you could do is visit the doctors, who will take a blood test. While this test confirms the presence of genital herpes, it does not warn you of the distress, anxiety and worry it causes as long as you have it. Most patients find it hard to grasp the idea of having a condition that is not curable. The stigma following genital herpes is another matter entirely, one that causes additional pressure on the patients. Pursuing relationships with anyone is a worry. In fact, many patients find themselves distancing themselves from others, only due to the fear that they will be rejected over and over.

The lack of education regarding herpes among the common public is embarrassing, along with being one of the main reasons behind the stigma. Many assume that herpes is as uncontrollable and deadly as AIDS. Naturally, these same individuals then feel petrified of being close to those who have already contracted the herpes simplex virus.

There are countless patients who have acquired the herpes virus from previous partners who did not know they have it. Sadly, many people assume that only the disease attacks those who are immoral and tend to sleep around a lot. However, the truth is far from that. Today, over 80% of the total population of the United States of America have herpes. However, most of these people are clueless, since the symptoms are not too clear or because they it never occurred to them that they have herpes. The fact that people jump to conclusions about the nature and morals of the affected is what makes herpes a scare for us; a disease that cannot be fatal and is limited to just the skin is feared like it is the worst possible scenario for an individual.

The herpes virus could actually lie in your system, dormant for days, months and even years. As a matter of fact, you may never face an outbreak! On the other hand, it is also possible to bring about the activation of the virus by an everyday matter like menstruation. Since the disease itself is so simple and uncomplicated to understand, those who know of herpes must put an end to the shame, guilt and shaming that has almost become like an onset of herpes. As long as the patients are responsible enough to take care of their problem, we must also be responsible enough to understand their situation and support them through it. Also, just because they have contracted the disease does not mean that they are incapable of feeling and loving others. Therefore, it is only fair that we treat them like we would treat any other human being.

Having The Talk: Telling Your Partner About Your Herpes

It is absolutely natural to plan out things regarding your love life, if you happen to have genital herpes. Needless to say, when you need to talk about it with your partner, it needs to be done in the right way in the right setting. But that is only when you have come to terms with your condition, being truly comfortable in your skin.

Of course, there are chances of your partner not taking the news well. In such a situation, do not feel as if you are at fault; certain individuals do not know the facts of herpes. They jump to conclusions when someone admits to suffering from the condition.

Educate Yourself About Genital Herpes

It is always a great plan to learn in depth about your diagnosis, as it allows you to describe it to others easily. Additionally, it lets you come in terms with the signs, treatment methods and even the long-term effect of genital herpes. There are a number of things you could remember before you think about coming out to your partner:

Things To Remind Yourself Before You Have The Talk

Have the Talk

  • 1. It definitely is not life threatening.
  • 2. One out of five men have herpes, while one out of four women suffer from it too.
  • 3. Herpes does not affect fertility in any way.
  • 4. Chances of transmission are very low if you happen to avoid any sexual contact during outbreaks.
  • 5. All herpes are not genital herpes. There are herpes that occur due to having a cold or suffering from chicken pox.
  • 6. 85% of the world population has herpes, but very less people know about the matter. Just the absence of symptoms does not mean that do not suffer from the condition. As a result, you definitely come off as a responsible person, well updated with every detail of your entire system.

When To Bring It Up

Even if you happen to be quite all right with your diagnosis, you need not disclose your secret to every potential lover. Respect your limits and coming out when you are certain that the relationship you two share is worth making exclusive. Remember that you are sharing this piece of information not for the sake of letting them know, but because you wish for them to commit to the relationship they have with you.

What To Say

You do not need to be self-deprecating; stating the situation like it is absolutely terrible. Also, it is not a good idea to promote a bad reaction by beginning your statement with, “Now, do not freak out, but…” as that may cause them to become anxious. You need to show that you understand your situation as perfectly as possible, taking the right steps, such as giving a heads up to your partner. Moreover, bluntness is not required too; you could merely state that you tested positive for HSV-2, a form of herpes. Describing the condition as a “disease” is not an absolute must; you could go with the term “condition” instead. Additionally, do not refer to it as “revolting”, “horrible” or “awful”, as those words could just invoke nasty images in your partner’s head.

What If The Partner Is Someone You Have Never Slept With?

In this scenario, it is best to carefully and delicately handle the matter. If you happen to decide to disclose this piece of information, be sure to state it in a calm manner. It could be that they happen to have it too, or else, they could be quite understanding about it.

Some Discussion Starters

Although these are not to be deemed as scripts, they could be considered as pointers when starting a conversation about your ailment:

  • 7. “As we both are consenting adults who have the best of interests for one another, I believe we should discuss about safe sex.”
  • 8. “I wish to talk about something with you. Are you aware of sores that occur due to having a cold? They occur due a virus known as the herpes simplex virus. I happen to have the same sort of sore in my genital area.”
  • 9. “When two individuals get along well, just as we do, I think it is better to be open and honest with one another. I trust you, which is why I wish to share something personal. I had discovered a while ago that I had developed genital herpes.”

Top 10 Dating Reviews of Best Herpes Dating Sites

Today in 21st century, online dating is very commonplace. At online dating platform, it`s available for people to browse hundreds and thousands of singles in just few minutes. It provides an easier and faster way to find love which save us much time. What`s more, people who are living with herpes, can easily find friends or support groups to talk without discrimination and awkwardness on the internet, what is so difficult in real life. This is why herpes dating sites are becoming more and more popular in recent years.

What is Herpes Dating Review?

Herpes Dating ReviewsAs the rise of online herpes dating websites, herpes dating reviews become the biggest related industries that are increasing rapidly. In general, reviews sites will recommend a list of some best dating websites (usually is top 10) with rankings and ratings. A review of a dating site often include feature list, pricing information, customer service information and more which can help people know all aspects of the dating website. Some reviews sites support user reviews as well, for people who tried one of the dating sites on the reviews list, they are able to submit their reviews or comments on the dating website, which can help other visitors to choose a better site.

The Benefits of Using Dating Reviews Sites

  • Know a Website Better
    Try to read some reviews of a herpes dating site before you join, it will help you to know all aspects of the dating website from 3rd party sites but not only what information on its homepage.
  • Know Top Sites in Herpes Dating
    Usually, a herpes dating reviews site will list some best herpes dating websites, you can easy to know what popular herpes dating sites are.
  • Save Your Time
    It`s more likely to choose a favorite herpes dating site under the help of reviews sites in the first time, which save your much time and there is no need to join other dating sites to search for partner
  • Save Your Money
    As we known, most dating sites are paid services, the bigger chance of getting a date, the more money you will save.
  • Protect Your Privacy
    Privacy is the most important thing for people living with herpes, so choose the website offer privacy settings to ensure your privacy.
  • Make an Informed Decision

Here is a list of the 10 best herpes dating reviews sites, check them out to see their reviews of some top online herpes dating websites.

I don`t like to boasts about myself, but should be one of the top websites about herpes dating reviews. Our affiliate site – – has helped more than 12,000 herpes singles to find a favorite dating site successfully. Our website provides the reviews of top 10 herpes dating site on the web and update the list regularly. Visitors can know pricing information, feature list, ratings, rankings and some other information, also, it`s available for you to submit user reviews to help more people have the same condition as well. With the guide on “How to choose the right online herpes dating site”, it`s easy for you to find a favorite dating site. also runs this herpes dating blog – HPost that offers dating advice, safe tips, resources and more for singles with herpes.

2. No1 Reviews
No1 Reviews was established in the summer of 2006, and it provides expert editor’s reviews, user reviews and comments on not only online dating websites, but also the web’s other leading products and services. The section of STD dating websites on No1 Reviews shows you a list of the top 10 dating websites, including some HIV dating sites. So when you are choosing a dating site on No1 Reviews, make sure it is a dating site for people with herpes before you join.

3. Best Dating Sites
There are top 6 STD dating websites have been reviewed on Best Dating Sites, see rankings, ratings, reviews, pricing and features of STD dating singles websites. Similar with No1 Reviews, 3 of the 6 dating services on this website are for people who tested as HIV positive.

4. Herpes Dating Review

Herpes Dating Review has reviewed more STD dating websites than any other dating reviews sites. Even visitors can`t see rankings, ratings and features of STD dating websites, it gives you more in details in other parts of a STD dating website, which will impact your decisions.

5. Top 10 Herpes Dating Sites

This is new and fast-growing herpes dating reviews site that provides reviews of the top 10 herpes dating websites.

6. Dating with Herpes

Dating with Herpes is a blog about herpes dating tips, support, social groups and more. This blog is worth to read since it provides a variety of information about herpes and herpes dating. The section of “Herpes Dating Online” on gives us pricing information and comments on 4 best herpes dating websites, with extra 6 none herpes dating sites reviews as well.

7. Herpes Land
Herpes Land is an online website where we can know facts about genital and oral herpes, including symptoms, pictures and even more. It is also a blog with guide on how to date with herpes, how to live with herpes, how to test and cure herpes and so on. The page about online herpes dating websites on Herpes Land provides us 7 best dating websites for people with herpes. Although, there are neither any ratings nor information about pricing and features, it helps us to know these dating sites better.

8. Dating About
The list of top 10 STD dating websites on is outdated and in no particular order. However, this is still a good webpage for people who has been diagnosed as herpes or any other STDs, to find a dating site to start dating again.

9. 10 Best Herpes Dating Sites is another list of the top 10 herpes dating websites on the internet. It is a new website but well-designed, with an reliable review of each herpes dating website.

10. No BS Dating Reviews
Wu can from the name of this website, there is no bullshit dating reviews. No BS Dating Reviews has reviewed 3 dating websites: Positive Singles, Positive Love and STD Friends. I like the section of “The Lowdown” in each single review most, since it give us much information that we can`t get from any other reviews site. Also, we can know whether a herpes dating website worth your time or not at the end of each review, which is so useful that other reviews websites should learn from.

Follow Your Feelings

Please keep this point in your mind no matter what the dating reviews sites said, choose the herpes dating site you would like to place your dating profile. In other words, herpes dating sites reviews are for reference only, make a decision by yourself. Good luck and hope you will be success in online herpes dating!