The Herpes Scam: Know the Truth about the Unproven Cures

If you, your partner or someone close to you contracts herpes, the first course of action needs to be seeing a specialist and getting to know about the situation as much as possible. Naturally, you will probably be provided with medications that will absolutely help you lessen the chances of having outbreaks every now and then. While there are many herpes patients who are following this entire process and finding help, there are also many who are dwindling towards certain so-called herbal preparations and supplements which are not helpful.

Scam Alert

Yes, to the absolute horror of many, there are several drug/pharmaceutical companies that love to dupe actual patients who require the instant help of the right medications! While promising that the wrong drug will cure a certain patient’s problem is terrible, swearing that your own drug will cure a patient of a disease that is not curable is a whole other level of wrongdoing. For instance, herpes is a condition that you will have for the rest of your life, if you manage to acquire it. Although many people who have just heard of it assume that horrific disease that guarantees an early death, others understand that herpes is not deadly. They also understand that having herpes could certainly test your patience if you happen to contract it somehow. This is why a heinous lie such as completely helping a patient get rid of their herpes problem with a mere drug, is unacceptable.

During the month of May in 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued notices to several drugs that promised impossible treatments and cures for herpes, namely:

  • Never an Outbreak
  • Medavir
  • Viruxo

The FDA also handed out letters to the companies mentioned below:


An example of herpes medication scams, this product’s company actually spent their time till the year 2012 claiming that they can not only reduce the seriousness of their herpes and the sores due to it, but could also lessen the overall outbreak time periods. Apparently, their Phase III trials were the key to this unbelievable lock.

During the year of 2010, the Complaint Resolution Panel clearly asked Dynamiclear to remove certain claims, such as:

  • the product can start producing instant results;
  • the product provides with instant relief;
  • the product makes sure that its treatment for herpes 1 cold sores is better than normal herpes 1 sore products;
  • the product makes sure that its treatment for herpes 1 cold sores is far more quicker than herpes 1 sore products;
  • the product has been proven clinically;
  • the product has been proven clinically as a method to reduce sore healing time;
  • the product has been endorsed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA);
  • the product is so useful, the patient need not make use of other herpes 1 sore products;
  • the product is at least 70% more successful and efficient than other cold sore items;
  • the product has no side effects whatsoever;
  • the product gets you rid of all of your cold sores in the matter of just three days;
  • the product has been proven clinically safe and effective for cold sore burning, itching, redness and blisters;
  • the product has been shown to have noteworthy positive effect on the cold sores in a matter of just one day.

Dynamiclear not only failed to act on the issued warning, they still have not even acknowledged the fact that they have been cheating patients. Since this product was made in Australia, the United States does not have any say over this case. Unfortunately, Dynamiclear is listed in Australia as a medicine, but is not officially registered. Apparently, as long as your product is considered as “safe” by the board in Australia, your medicine will appear as listed. However, the board does not take into consideration that the drug may not even be effective at all! Despite the fact that Dynamiclear does not cause harm to the patients, it sure costs them unnecessary money.

Fake Reviews

Even though there are several people who are desperate for remedies that will work “a 100%”, despite the treatment they are probably already receiving. These individuals may purchase the products in a moment of naivety. However, there are others who require a little persuasion, which is where drug review sites come in. There are a bunch of websites that have promoted Dynamiclear and other similar drugs, a clear indication that they are being operated by the people of these medications’ companies. Some of these fake sites are as follows:


Herpes: Prevention and Treatment While You Are Dating

Having herpes is not an easy matter for any individual, regardless of how much they know about it or how old they happen to be. If you think you may suffer from it, do your share of research and visit your doctor. While the doctor could discuss the matter with you and confirm things if you have herpes, it is best that you see a genito-urinary specialist.

It is easier to diagnose a person with herpes when the infection is present on their body at the time of the test. Usually, herpes is determined with the help of a blood test. Sadly, there is a slight chance of these tests coming negative, even if you have herpes. Experts also perform another test where a sore/blister is broken and a swab of the fluid is taken. Once it has been discovered that you are certainly suffering from herpes, the doctor will ask you a series of questions. In this way, they will figure out how bad the infection is or how bad they could get. Furthermore, the doctors could also tell if stress illnesses trigger these outbreaks or worsen them.

Medication for Herpes

Firstly, you must know that herpes can never be gone fully. Medications can be given for outbreaks that are generally antivirals, which stops the virus from multiplying. Generally, there are two types of treatments:

  • 1. Episodic: An antiviral course for 5 days is given to those who have less than 5-6 occurrences in a year.
  • 2. Suppressive: An antiviral course is given to patients that have more than 5-6 outbreaks in a year, that is longer in comparison to episodic patients.

Self-Treatment for Herpes

Of course, your doctor will be providing you with all the information that you must know, alongside the medications you must take. However, there are several things that you could do to help yourself:

  • In some patients it is found that bathing in slightly salted water can cause the pain to soothe down a little.
  • If the pain is quite bad, you could always take painkillers.
  • Try to wear loose and soft clothes that allow some air around the infected area.
  • Keep away from sexual activities until your symptoms are fully gone.
  • Make sure you often wash your hands thoroughly, especially if you have just touch an infected part of your body.
  • Apply some petroleum jelly now and then to the areas that are infected.

Herpes During Pregnancy

Although many say that passing on herpes to your child via pregnancy and childbirth is not possible, you need to understand a few facts:

  • If the mother had contracted herpes before she got pregnant, there is a very low chance that she will pass it on to her baby. This is due to the fact that antibodies will be passed on to the baby during pregnancy which will give him/her protection during the nine months, as well as after they are born.
  • If the expecting mother acquires herpes during the first 13 weeks of her pregnancy, there is some chance of the foetus contracting it. This mother will then be prescribed antiviral drugs to help her with the infections.
  • If the mother acquires the disease during the late stage of pregnancy, there will be a good chance of the baby getting it too during or just before delivery. In this situation, the doctor will advise the mother to have the baby by a Caesarean section operation, especially if the mother is suffering from blisters at that time.

Prevention of Herpes

To reduce the chances of acquiring herpes or passing it on to your partner or people around you, you could take note of the following:

  • Try not to have sex when the infections are present. In other words, outbreaks are the worst time to have sex with your partner, as the sores and blisters will be painful and any fluids from the breakage of these could cause transmission.
  • Do not have several sexual partners, as that may only aggravate your situation.
  • If you happen to have oral herpes, kissing others is absolutely forbidden, along with performing oral sex on others.
  • Make sure that you use condoms, whether you plan on having sexual intercourse or oral sex. Also, before having sex, make sure that you did not have an outbreak recently.