Can Herpes Lead to Angina?

Studies now suggest that a certain type herpes can lead to a higher risk of angina, which is a form of pain in the chest. If fact, this form of herpes is so new that most people have probably never heard of it- the herpes in the DNA.

There is a certain type of herpes that embed into the egg or sperm of a person from certain other diseases, such as roseola, a type of disease that mostly affect children. When the egg or sperm that is affected by the virus is conceived, the zygote formed with it will have a copy of the herpes virus in all the cells that it is made of- in other words, the herpes virus literally becomes a part of the new baby.

So how does this affect the new baby? Studies have yet to discover anything drastic. However, research shows that about 1% of the population of America has the herpes virus embedded into their DNA. Such a form of herpes is not curable, of course, as the virus is latched onto the DNA of every cell in the body, however, a close monitoring of cardiovascular health should keep be able to keep the effects of the virus in check and allow the person to lead a healthy life.

It is not very difficult to find out if a person is affected by such kind of herpes. The test is quiet simple, and many researchers suggest that this can be included in the set of tests that every newborn baby has to take.

Herpes and Angina

Of course, the question that must be in everyone’s mind is how any of this is related to angina. Angina is the chest pain that occurs when someone’s blood capillaries are blocked, and this usually occurs before a heart attack. Three million people are affected by angina every year in the United States alone. Research conducted in Canada show that people affected by the herpes in their DNA have three times more risk of suffering from angina than the average person when they are in their 40s. However, taking preventative measures and leading a healthy life can lessen the odds of this happening.

There, of course, lies the question on how the two diseases are related. According to Canadian researcher Louis Flammand, the virus in the body might be responsible for destroying the linings of the arteries and thus hindering the flow of blood around the body. When there is a blockage of blood flow, or when the blood cannot pass the smaller capillaries properly, pressure from the incoming and blocked blood builds up, with leads to the pain in the chest which we call angina.

However much studies have come up with theories, these are not absolute results and studies are still ongoing on the matter to prove anything properly. Many other researchers argue that including a herpes DNA check is not worthwhile since so few of the population are affected, and the other results of having herpes in the DNA are still unknown. To conclude, studies are still being conducted to understand the matter in better light and see how it affects our bodies, and what we can do to prevent any bad effects.

Herpes Support Groups in US: Help Is Not That Far Away

Herpes is not simple disease, since it not only affects your body, but also takes a toll on your personal life. Although regular check-ups and the right medications will keep a check on the problem that herpes causes for your body, battling sadness, uneasiness or self-consciousness is another matter entirely. Fortunately, there is a list of support groups all over the United States of America, ease unique, helpful and supportive for all herpes patients, new or old.

Herpes Support

While certain regions of the Unite States have legit, well-known support groups, other areas have secret Facebook groups that arrange meet-ups and gatherings. These secret groups are strictly “invite only” and need to be scouted out through people who actually know such groups. The National HELP Herpes Support Group could get you in touch with many of them. To get in touch with National HELP, follow the steps below:

  • Log onto Facebook
  • Find Joann Purkey, from Kaiserslautern High School
  • Send her a friend request
  • Send her a message mentioning your area and asking her to help you get in touch with one of the herpes support groups

Before we get started, Keep note of this number for the National Herpes Hotline: National Herpes Hotline(919) 361-8488

Below, we have stated all the regions of the United States that has a hidden Facebook group that could be reached through the National HELP Herpes Support Group. However, some of these states even have open, free-for-all support groups and those that have secret Facebook groups:


Open groups for herpes patients:


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Little Rock H Friends


Open groups for herpes patients:


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Manchester HELP- (860) 666-0075 (Susan) or 860-810-6617 (Jenny) or Email: hsv2secret @


Open groups for herpes patients:

  • South Florida Herpes Meetup Group
  • Friends on the Beach
  • Northern Florida H Friends Yahoo Group
  • Tampa Bay H Club Yahoo Group


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Atlanta H Club Yahoo Group


Open groups for herpes patients:

  • Chicago Friends – “H” Social Group on Meetup –
  • People of Color Chicago (POC Chicago) Yahoo Group
  • Central Illinois Prairie Friends Yahoo Group


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Indianapolis HELP Support Group


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Louisville H Friends Yahoo Group


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Louisiana H Friends


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:


Open groups for herpes patients:


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • People of Color (POC) Social Networking Missouri


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Omaha-CB H Friends on Meetup


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Northern Nevada Friends Yahoo Group

New Jersey

An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • New Jersey Friends on Yahoo Groups

New Mexico

An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Southern New Mexico and El Paso H Community on Meetup

New York

Open groups for herpes patients:

  • Herpes New York Yahoo Group
  • Hudson Valley Friends Yahoo Group
  • People of Color New York

North Carolina

Open groups for herpes patients:

  • com
  • Carolina H Club Yahoo Group


Open groups for herpes patients:

  • Cincinnati HELP
  • Ohio Friends


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Oklahoma H Club Yahoo Group


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Portland Area Friends on Yahoo


Open groups for herpes patients:

  • Northeastern Pennsylvania Friends (NEPA Friends)
  • Philadelphia Friends Yahoo Group

Rhode Island

An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Boston Herpes Social and Support Group

South Carolina

An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Carolina H Net Yahoo Group


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Memphis H Friends Yahoo Group


Open groups for herpes patients:

  • Austin Friends Yahoo Group
  • DFW Friends
  • Houston H Friends


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • Vermont H Friends Yahoo Group


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • DC-H2O Social Group
  • Virginia H Friends Yahoo Group

Washington State

Open groups for herpes patients:

  • Seattle H Scene Meetup Group
  • Capital Area Friends Yahoo Group (Olympia/Tacoma)

Washington D.C.

An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:


An open group that welcomes all herpes patients:

  • S-W-A-G Herpes Yahoo Group

Top 10 Dating Reviews of Best Herpes Dating Sites

Today in 21st century, online dating is very commonplace. At online dating platform, it`s available for people to browse hundreds and thousands of singles in just few minutes. It provides an easier and faster way to find love which save us much time. What`s more, people who are living with herpes, can easily find friends or support groups to talk without discrimination and awkwardness on the internet, what is so difficult in real life. This is why herpes dating sites are becoming more and more popular in recent years.

What is Herpes Dating Review?

Herpes Dating ReviewsAs the rise of online herpes dating websites, herpes dating reviews become the biggest related industries that are increasing rapidly. In general, reviews sites will recommend a list of some best dating websites (usually is top 10) with rankings and ratings. A review of a dating site often include feature list, pricing information, customer service information and more which can help people know all aspects of the dating website. Some reviews sites support user reviews as well, for people who tried one of the dating sites on the reviews list, they are able to submit their reviews or comments on the dating website, which can help other visitors to choose a better site.

The Benefits of Using Dating Reviews Sites

  • Know a Website Better
    Try to read some reviews of a herpes dating site before you join, it will help you to know all aspects of the dating website from 3rd party sites but not only what information on its homepage.
  • Know Top Sites in Herpes Dating
    Usually, a herpes dating reviews site will list some best herpes dating websites, you can easy to know what popular herpes dating sites are.
  • Save Your Time
    It`s more likely to choose a favorite herpes dating site under the help of reviews sites in the first time, which save your much time and there is no need to join other dating sites to search for partner
  • Save Your Money
    As we known, most dating sites are paid services, the bigger chance of getting a date, the more money you will save.
  • Protect Your Privacy
    Privacy is the most important thing for people living with herpes, so choose the website offer privacy settings to ensure your privacy.
  • Make an Informed Decision

Here is a list of the 10 best herpes dating reviews sites, check them out to see their reviews of some top online herpes dating websites.

I don`t like to boasts about myself, but should be one of the top websites about herpes dating reviews. Our affiliate site – – has helped more than 12,000 herpes singles to find a favorite dating site successfully. Our website provides the reviews of top 10 herpes dating site on the web and update the list regularly. Visitors can know pricing information, feature list, ratings, rankings and some other information, also, it`s available for you to submit user reviews to help more people have the same condition as well. With the guide on “How to choose the right online herpes dating site”, it`s easy for you to find a favorite dating site. also runs this herpes dating blog – HPost that offers dating advice, safe tips, resources and more for singles with herpes.

2. No1 Reviews
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3. Best Dating Sites
There are top 6 STD dating websites have been reviewed on Best Dating Sites, see rankings, ratings, reviews, pricing and features of STD dating singles websites. Similar with No1 Reviews, 3 of the 6 dating services on this website are for people who tested as HIV positive.

4. Herpes Dating Review

Herpes Dating Review has reviewed more STD dating websites than any other dating reviews sites. Even visitors can`t see rankings, ratings and features of STD dating websites, it gives you more in details in other parts of a STD dating website, which will impact your decisions.

5. Top 10 Herpes Dating Sites

This is new and fast-growing herpes dating reviews site that provides reviews of the top 10 herpes dating websites.

6. Dating with Herpes

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7. Herpes Land
Herpes Land is an online website where we can know facts about genital and oral herpes, including symptoms, pictures and even more. It is also a blog with guide on how to date with herpes, how to live with herpes, how to test and cure herpes and so on. The page about online herpes dating websites on Herpes Land provides us 7 best dating websites for people with herpes. Although, there are neither any ratings nor information about pricing and features, it helps us to know these dating sites better.

8. Dating About
The list of top 10 STD dating websites on is outdated and in no particular order. However, this is still a good webpage for people who has been diagnosed as herpes or any other STDs, to find a dating site to start dating again.

9. 10 Best Herpes Dating Sites is another list of the top 10 herpes dating websites on the internet. It is a new website but well-designed, with an reliable review of each herpes dating website.

10. No BS Dating Reviews
Wu can from the name of this website, there is no bullshit dating reviews. No BS Dating Reviews has reviewed 3 dating websites: Positive Singles, Positive Love and STD Friends. I like the section of “The Lowdown” in each single review most, since it give us much information that we can`t get from any other reviews site. Also, we can know whether a herpes dating website worth your time or not at the end of each review, which is so useful that other reviews websites should learn from.

Follow Your Feelings

Please keep this point in your mind no matter what the dating reviews sites said, choose the herpes dating site you would like to place your dating profile. In other words, herpes dating sites reviews are for reference only, make a decision by yourself. Good luck and hope you will be success in online herpes dating!