What's the Best Herpes Dating Site in Canada?

the Flag of CanadaDating with herpes can be tricky and daunting at first. Having this sexually-transmitted disease can hinder your progress towards a fulfilling love life. Compared to dating in the real world, there are plenty of opportunities to find and meet other people who are suffering with this challenging situation through the World Wide Web. Dating websites provide a virtual atmosphere for HSV singles to interact with other similar individuals. They cater to members in different countries in the world and engage a wide variety of audience.

Among the top herpes dating websites, PositiveSingles is a popular and highly recommended website for meeting and connecting with HSV singles. The website was started in 2002 and has gathered more than one million users from various parts of the world. It helps meet, flirt and chat with people with many sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, Herpes, syphilis, etc. The website has established a perfect platform, free of criticism or prejudice, for HSV singles to develop long-lasting romantic relationships.

PositiveSingles is ranked as the most frequently visited website in the Alexa Rankings; a platform that rates websites based on its traffic and popularity. The global Alexa ranking of Positive Singles website is 79,025. This shows that plenty of singles with HSV-1 and HSV-2 from various nations of the world regularly approach this platform for dating.

Is PositiveSingles a Good Herpes Dating Site for Canadian Singles?

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Since we know that PositiveSingles website does have a great reputation as the best herpes dating website in the world, we wanted to further test its potential in other popular countries like Canada. It’s hard to believe that 40% of Canadian population is suffering from the herpes virus; both types HSV-1 and HSV-2. Teenagers in Canada are affected largely and find it difficult to approach love due to the fear of rejection. But PositiveSingles has created a secured platform for HSV singles to meet other individuals who are going through a similar condition and establishing relationships with them for the better.

Search Test

We tried to meet members on the PositiveSingles website by creating an account which did take us only a few minutes. The website allows only people with STD’s to register and it’s mandatory to mention the type of disease you are living with. This makes you confident of talking and sharing your health status to genuine ones who can understand your struggles with ease. Once we logged into the website, we had to build a profile based on some personal information as well as about the type of partner we are looking for. It’s easy to choose your age range, type of STD, distance, location to get accurate matches.

Since we wanted to meet HSV singles in Canada, we chose the country to be this along with the province as Quebec. There are several other provinces to try too, since PS caters to all the Canadian States. Our search was on finding HSV singles and the results were,

Canada – Quebec

  • Man seeking women
    • HSV 1 (O) - 107
    • HSV 2 (G) - 153
    • Herpes - 62
  • Woman Seeking Men
    • HSV 1 (O) - 96
    • HSV 2 (G) - 113
    • Herpes - 42

The chances of finding people based on the type of STD makes it quite easy to seek like-minded partners on PS. There were a lot of active users on the website and we did find plenty of them online at the time of login. The results showed that many men were seeking women with HSV and we did find a lot of women with HSV- 2 (genital herpes) in Quebec region than HSV-1(oral herpes). Even among women seeking men, the results were found to be slightly higher on genital herpes than oral. Some members did not mention the type of herpes and simply chose to reveal that they had herpes. This may also help you narrow them down to the disease irrespective of their types.

Since Quebec is a popular state in Canada, we tried to know how PositiveSingles performs in the other bigger states like British Columbia and Newfoundland.

To our astonishment, we got 500+ matches in British Columbia including 25 members currently online; which shows that plenty of users from Canada use PositiveSingles regularly. In the Newfoundland region, we got good number of results, but most of the profiles had no photos which can be a turn off for new users. Here, there were lots of HSV-1 profiles than HSV-2 and herpes in general.


  • There were hundreds of matches for people living with herpes on PositiveSingles.
  • Man seeking women had greater test results than woman seeking men on PositiveSingles; which implies that women suffering from herpes were higher on this website.
  • When compared to popular states like Ontario or Quebec, larger states like British Columbia fared better in active users. However, the number of members using PositiveSingles seemed to be more or less similar in all these regions.
  • Most of the members were living with HSV-2 than HSV- 1 in Canada and these members were found to be frequently visiting PositiveSingles for dating and finding partners of interest.

The results ultimately emphasized the popularity of PositiveSingles website in Canada. Canadians with herpes can definitely use this website to date someone similar, that too, in their own state or neighboring provinces. Finding people in your locality can be a huge advantage for meeting and knowing them more in person. There are good communication tools, blogs and other community-oriented features on PositiveSingles for taking your romance to the next level. All in all, PositiveSingles is a new ray of hope for HSV singles in Canada.

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