What's the Best Herpes Dating Site in Australia?

the Map of AustraliaOne in eight Australians suffer from a very common sexually transmitted disease called herpes. It is caused by the Herpes Simplex virus consisting of two varieties of strains; namely, HSV-1 and HSV-2. It is estimated that 80% of people carry HSV-1 and 20% HSV-2 in Australia. Statistics shows that twice the number of women, in the age group 35-44 years, are living with genital herpes (HSV-2) than men. It is not rare to find adults getting exposed to incurable sexually transmitted diseases like herpes since the numbers are increasing day by day.

One of the most terrifying things of contracting STDs is the fear of losing your life. STDs are not life-threatening and living a life with it is possible. Once you test positive for a STD like herpes, you should not lose hope of moving on with your life. It is not that you are dirty or unfit to find a life partner, love or romance again. There are plenty of ways to meet people and connect with them personally to regain your self confidence. One of the easiest and safest ways to find love is through online dating.

Online dating helps all kinds of people to meet like-minded individuals and websites exclusively established for catering to specific kinds like niches are available on the web. Herpes dating websites fall under this category, wherein they provide a secured digital platform to connect HSV singles together for casual and romantic relationships. These websites cater to many developed, developing and under developing countries, which paves way for meeting your special someone in your country or locality too. The chances of meeting someone who accepts you as yourself or a person who is living with a STD just like you are higher on these websites.

Is PositiveSingles a Good Herpes Dating Site for Australian Singles?

Even though there are hundreds of herpes dating websites on the web, PositiveSingles is the most popular and reputed site for meeting HSV singles from different parts of the world. The website has an Alexa ranking of 70,925 which makes it to be a platform that has plenty of traffic from Herpes users. New users join the website every day and the site currently has more than one million registered users. It caters to Australia too, with several thousands of trusted members logging in frequently to meet their dream partners.

Screenshot of PositiveSingles

Since there were good numbers of members’ profiles on the website, we tried to check the popularity of PositiveSingles in Australia.

  • Do Australian HSV singles prefer online dating?
  • Are there plenty of users on positive singles in Australia?
  • Can we find matches in our locality?

Search Test

These were some of the questions we tried to find answers too. We created an account for free on PositiveSingles and began our ‘test search’. We chose the age group to be 18-30 and there were search options to find both men and women. After that, we selected the country as “Australia” and you can just get matches based on this criterion too. We found around 500+ matches; it’s actually a pretty good number. You can get the basic information and look at photos to know more in detail about them. The best part of positive singles is that you can know what type of STD the person is suffering from in the search results.

Since it was an extended search, we tried to narrow down the profiles based on a particular state. The options were Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

First we chose the most densely populated Victoria,

  • Man seeking women
    • HSV 1 - 98
    • HSV 2 - 194
    • Herpes - 76
  • Woman Seeking Men
    • HSV 1 - 88
    • HSV 2 - 117
    • Herpes - 53

We got around 300+ matches for man seeking women and 200+ matches for women seeking men in this state.

Since, we already know there are large numbers of people in the state we wanted to know whether the less popular places in Australia used positive singles and how frequent were they. We chose Western Australia,

  • Man seeking women
    • HSV 1 - 35
    • HSV 2 - 45
    • Herpes - 20
  • Women seeking Man
    • HSV 1 - 25
    • HSV 2 - 54
    • Herpes - 11

We got about 100+ matches for both the criteria which showed that both men and women in this place were seeking partners but in limited numbers.


  • There were hundreds of HSV singles profiles on positive singles.com in Australia which shows that the website is quite popular among them.
  • Women in Australia were seeking partners in higher rates than men on PositiveSingles.
  • In all the states, more singles were living with HSV-2 than HSV-1 in Australia, which highlights the spread of genital herpes through oral sex in this country.
  • Even in less popular states, positive singles had a good number of users which shows its popularity in Australia.

Our test search identified that PositiveSingles was a well-known herpes dating website in Australia with plenty of users frequently visiting the website for establishing casual and long-term relationships. If you are living with herpes in Australia, then without doubt you can join positive singles to meet many local HSV singles.

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